Fireworks Delayed until Saturday, 7/5

I just got off the phone with the special events department that holds our permit. They have not been given official word yet. They are having a meeting at 4:30 and should have official word by 6:00 pm. He feels comfortable with my announcing all of this and that it’s a pretty sure bet that all shows for Friday are cancelled and weather-permitting will be Saturday so people may start to make plans, but he stressed that he had not been given official word yet.

There are a few stipulations regarding the Saturday show and the storm as well. All governing and permitting parties must agree that every step of the procedure is safe to be carried out under weather conditions. The barge is supposed to be loaded Friday. It is supposed to leave dock Saturday at 9 a.m. and travel the waterways for about nine hours to get in place in the bay. Conditions must be safe throughout that time period. As always, this is a fluid situation, as all hurricanes are, and as soon as I have official word, you’ll have it. We’re all in this together. Plans C and D are also in the works, so rest assured we will have our explosive day!

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