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Important information below from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Pleasure House Point is a crown jewel in the Ocean Park neighborhood. Let’s get out there in force and show our volunteer support of this great acquisition! There are three dates available to help – please see if your schedule won’t allow you to attend at least one. And…tell a friend (who may not be on this distribution list). Thanks, all!!

Terry Gearhart
OPCL/Membership and Communications

———- Forwarded message ———- From: Christy Everett <> Date: Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 12:49 PM Subject: CBF’s property at Pleasure House Point – upcoming tree transplanting To: Cc: Chris Moore <>

In the coming weeks you will begin to see some changes at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s property at Pleasure House Point.  In order to begin preparations for CBF’s Brock Environmental Center construction, we will be moving trees and shrubs from within the construction area to habitat restoration areas around the site.  We intend to accomplish this in two phases, the first of which works with interested volunteers to move small trees and shrubs and the second using equipment to move larger trees.

Currently the site has a few small live oaks and pines that we feel are good candidates for moving with the help of volunteers.  These trees are small and in most cases not located in areas well suited for long-term growth.  In addition, there are numerous shrubs that are good candidates for transplant by hand as well.  In most cases these shrubs, commonly referred to as high tide bush, can be trimmed and transplanted with minimal care.

In order to give the larger live oaks the best chance of survival after their move, we will be moving them using equipment commonly referred to as a tree spade.  The piece of equipment will allow for preserving as much of the root system of the tree as possible.  This is especially important given the sandy soils present at Pleasure House Point.

If you are interested in helping with the transplanting activities, please join us either February 17, 22, or March 1, as these are the days we are looking for volunteer help. The February 17th planting is actually almost at volunteer capacity, we are thrilled to report. We expect all of these activities to be completed by March 15th, typically the start of the growing season in the area. For more information about the volunteer times and any other questions you may have, please contact Christy Everett or Chris Moore at CBF’s Hampton Roads office at 622-1964 or or You can also learn more about the broader project at

Thanks, Christy Christy Everett, Hampton Roads Director Chesapeake Bay Foundation | 142 W. York St., Ste. 618 | Norfolk VA 23510 (: 622.1964 | *|

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