Update from the City about the impending N’or Easter (Nov 6th and 7th)

Here’s a “positive” update from the City about the impending N’or Easter.

Terry Gearhart

Mark’s update below is welcomed news – storm lessening in our reach and moving to the east.  The graph projections reflect the following:

1.      6-7 low-high tide cycles greater than normal based on a surge of @ 1 -2 feet.  In the Lynnhaven we could see tidal flooding up to elevation 3 feet above sea level (as a benchmark Sandy flooded to elevation 6 feet above sea level). Expect this to create some water on the usual low elevation roads.

2.      Winds will  remain subtropical and come from the north for most of the storm: sustained reaching the low 20’s mph and gusts to the low 30’s. Most intense period is Wednesday 5AM thru 6PM.

3.      Rain will commence this afternoon with off and on squalls with chance of intensifying from midnight tonight thru 5PM Wednesday evening. Not expecting rainfall amounts to be much over an inch in the heaviest areas.

4.      Wave height projections are: Atlantic Ocean Front @ 6-8 feet and the Chesapeake Bay Beaches @ 4-5 feet.

5.      Duration will be @ 36 hrs beginning this early evening and lasting thru Thursday early morning.

We do not expect to activate the VB EOC if these projections hold.  I would also expect the City to function on normal operating conditions during this weather event. Staff is working to complete preparations where warranted before COB today.

Dave Hansen

Deputy City Manager

City of Virginia Beach

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