Notice from VB Police regarding thefts from cars

Hopefully many of your saw this post on the OP Civic League Facebook Group Page by Jill, informing us that the police have made an arrest in connection with the break-ins we have been experiencing throughout our area. If you’ve been a victim, or know someone who has, please pass this along. Also included here as an attachment is the recent City Manager newsletter.

Terry Gearhart

Update on thefts. The officer who called me this morning asks that we please try to get the word out around the neighborhood to non-Facebook neighbors. There is such a large quantity of random stuff they got back that people probably think that they have misplaced something and it was stolen out of their cars. Rings, keys, cd’s, all kinds of stuff. If you can describe it, you need to call and tell them you think it was stolen. They’re trying to go through it right now and it’s a big job. They know for sure there are many, many neighbors with things stolen who didn’t report them. Please tell your neighbors. Contact Detective R.J. Olson 385-2729.
Jill Doczi

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