Notice from VB Police regarding thefts from cars

Hopefully many of your saw this post on the OP Civic League Facebook Group Page by Jill, informing us that the police have made an arrest in connection with the break-ins we have been experiencing throughout our area. If you’ve been a victim, or know someone who has, please pass this along. Also included hereContinue reading “Notice from VB Police regarding thefts from cars”

Volunteer Help Needed – Registrars for Presidential Election

Hello Dedicated  Election Official, It is that time  again…Presidential Election Year! For those of you who worked the 2008  election, you are well aware of how critical Election Officials are to ensuring  a successful Election. In an effort to make certain that we have enough Election  Officials for the General and Special Elections on NovemberContinue reading “Volunteer Help Needed – Registrars for Presidential Election”