Guard Dogs of the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp – meeting results


Guard Dogs of the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp

                                                        SAVE THE LYNNHAVEN BOAT RAMP AND BEACH FACILITY



AGENDA   April 2, 2012


I.   Introductions

A.    The Ocean Park Civic League voted at the Nov 2011 meeting to oppose the DMTS and sent a letter to the Mayor and City Council expressing that position. At the March 2012 meeting the OPCL appointed a committee to represent Ocean Park Civic League as liason for information and inquiry to city agencies and others for all government funded development and redevelopment within and adjacent to Ocean Park waterways.

This committee is named: Ocean Park Waterways Development and

Redevelopment Committee (OPWDRC).  This committee will acquire all

pertinent information regarding waterway development from governing

bodies and present that information to Ocean Park Civic League, share

information with the Guard Dogs, request information via FOIA, and work

with city and state officials.

The Chair is Andy Broyles

Members are Mike Wills , Wendy Vaughn, and Johnathan Macy

Captain Lee Shuler is an Advisor

B.  The Guard Dogs of the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp will continue as the

representatives of ALL Stakeholders, Residents, LBR users, Fishermen,

Boaters, and will express opposition through letter-writing, petition, and

other activities.

II.  Understanding the Issues and the History

2007-2008    Opposition to a Dredge Materials Transfer Station at the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp and Beach Facility– Guard Dogs of the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp was the group who led the fight (Andy Broyles, Lee Shuler, Mike Wills, Sharon and Jim Need, Tim Solanic, Todd Solomon, Dorinda Ennis, and many others), and the City of Virginia Beach told us they would use the Thalia site instead.  See

2010-2012 Maple Street Opposition and the Boatel choice – Win for Cape Story and

Bay Island neighborhoods.  Residents in Cape Story and Bay Island fought

the Maple Street site for a DMTS to serve the Eastern Branch of the

Lynnhaven River, and a site near the Boatel was chosen instead.


2012  Ongoing Clean Sand Dredging of Crab Creek Channel – Annually Oct – Feb

places clean sand from channel on sand storage area for future use by the city. When

needed, sand is trucked from the LBR for beach replenishment.


2012 – 2016  Current Lesner Bridge plan – three years of construction beginning 2013

using LBR for staging- completion in 2016. Bulkhead permit to be filed in 2013.


2012       Current city plan for DMTS and SSD at the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp and Beach

Facility would begin when Lesner Bridge Construction completes.

The City of Virginia Beach has a plan form Special Service Districts to pay for neighborhoods in the Western Branch of the Lynnhaven River like Thoroughgood, Witchduck Point, to dredge “Spurs” off the main channel and then “Driveways” to individual properties. The Dredged muck would be barged to the LBR, transferred by crane to 15-ton dump trucks and trucked through the boat ramp parking lot, through Piedmont Circle, onto E. Stratford Rd, then East on Shore Drive, South on Great Neck Road to Virginia Beach Blvd. – ultimately to a borrow pit near Oceana.


Captain Lee Shuler will speak about Dredging and the SSD Special Services District plan of the City of Virginia Beach .

III.              GOALS:   THREE GOALS were established at a March 3rd organizational meeting to revive the Guard Dogs and plan communications for the OPCL meeting Mar 8th. The Three Goals are also shared by the OPWDRC. They are:

  • We  want the City of Virginia Beach to remove the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp from its  DMTS plan.
  • We  want the city to ensure that all permits for and construction staging of  the Lesner Bridge construction reflect temporary use only, and prohibit  permanent structures or use.
  • We      want the city to ensure that, other than the temporary Lesner Bridge  construction staging and the usual clean sand storage from Crab Creek  dredging, no additional use of the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp be made other than      recreational.



IV.   Next Steps for Guard Dogs



1. NEW PETITION and NEW SIGNS– The OPWDRC is drafting a new

Petition and designing new signs.

The  petition will be uploaded to:  iPetitions with links made available

for use on Facebook and websites. Volunteers will circulate paper


Penny Lane and Cyndi O’Grady have agreed to collect the paper petitions

for submission.

The Signs will not be put on city property. We want to ask property

owners including businesses along the proposed truck route and in our

neighborhoods for permission to place signs on their property.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for Petitions and Signs. Please sign

up to distribute petitions and signs. You will be notified by email when the

petition and signs are available.

B.    IDENTIFY other Stakeholders for Guard Dogs email list: send email addresses  to


C.  LETTER WRITING campaign to Mayor and City Council, Beaches and

Waterways Commission, Bayfront Advisory Committee – Please see

sample letter from Ocean Park Homeowner at or write your own. A more generic

Stakeholder letter is being drafted that will be added to that website soon

for your use. Email addresses for Mayor and others are on orange handout.

D.  OTHER – see websites and links on orange handout

V.   Other  Future Action Items:

A.  Demonstration at Boat Ramp? Late June after high school graduations

should be a good time. We need a chair for that – we’ll utilize the contacts

we had last time with the dockmaster and the dump truck company. A

planning meeting will be scheduled in early June for that.


B.  Newspaper Radio and TV – please send ideas to me. The OPWDRC will

coordinate when we want to involve media. We don’t wish to stifle

individual initiative, but feel it is important to have a unified and

coordinated message.


c.  Those of us who are Ocean Park residents: please join the OPCL. It is

$15 annually– membership forms available. Please take them to your

neighbors. We CAN drastically increase our membership by personally

asking our neighbors.


d. Comments, Suggestions:


Next Meeting : in June unless otherwise needed.

There were 21 members in attendance Agenda is attached  – contains some information about the issues. Also attached is a flyer containing information about where to find information on the web including sample letter and email mailing list.
Takeaways from meeting :  1.  mailing letters to home addresses of City Council members, Bayfront Advisory Committee members, and Beaches and Waterways Commission should get more attention from recipients than email. SEE HOME ADDRESS MAILING LIST attached 2. a petition is being drafted. It will be published on iPetitions and made available to link to facebook, websites, blogs, etc. 3. yard signs will be created for use on private property. 4. The Ocean Park Waterways Development and ReDevelopment Committee (this committee created as liason between Ocean Park Civic League and City of Virginia Beach and other governmental agencies), is beginning dialog with city officials, VMRC.   Thirteen members signed up to distribute paper petitions and yard signs. If you would like to be added to that list, please email me.
I will send notice as soon as petitions and signs are available.
Tentatively, a June meeting will be planned to plan a late June demonstration at the LBR.
Please SEND LETTERS stating your opposition! Thank you all for your support Wendy

Virginia Beach City Council :


The Honorable Mayor William Sessoms

401 54th Street

VB  23451


The Honorable Vice Mayor Louis Jones

1008 Witch Point Trail

VB 23455


The Honorable Glenn Davis

1548 Stewards Way

VB  23453


The Honorable William DeSteph

2101 Turnstone Quay

VB  23454


The Honorable Harry Diezel

604 Rosater Lane

VB  23464


The Honorable Robert Dyer

1668 Lake Christopher Drive

VB  23464


The Honorable Barbara Henley

3513 Cherry Neck Road

VB  23456


The Honorable John Moss

4109 Richardson Road

VB  23455


The Honorable John Uhrin

515 Delaware Avenue

VB  23451


The Honorable Rosemary Wilson

1304 Wren Place

VB 23451


The Honorable James Wood

3778 Prince Andrew Lane

VB  23452








Beaches and Waterways Commission: (current term expiration shown, but many renew)


Mr. Thomas E. Fraim          6/30/13

2461 Sandfiddler Rd

Virginia Beach, VA 23456


Mr. Michael L. Clark          6/30/13

500 Winston Salem Ave.

Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Dr. George L. Grinnan            6/30/12

4041 Bridgehampton Lane

Virginia Beach, VA 23455


Mr. Charles W. Guthrie          6/30/12

2492 Haversham Close

Virginia Beach, VA 23454


Me. William A. Hearst         6/30/13

1004 Witch Point Trail

Virginia Beach, VA 23455-5634


Mr Kenneth D. Jobe             6/30/14

304 Croatan Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Mr. Arthur L. Jones               6/30/14

1109 Ditchley Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Ms. Patricia Keeley                6/30/12

1400 Powder Ridge Court

Virginia Beach, VA 23453-1809


Mr. Wesley B. Lane                6/30/12

526 Virginia Dare Drive

Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Mr. Brady S. Viccelio           6/30/12

616 Thalia Point Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23452


Mr. Rodney Allen Voelker    6/30/12

1640 Grey Friars Chase

Virginia Beach, VA 23456-5433


Note: This list is available at  click on Government, then Agenda and Document Archives, click on edocs, then choose Beaches and Waterways Commission




Bayfront Advisory Committee: (current term expiration shown, but many renew)


Mr. Kal Kassir            6/30/13

2009 Alpine Road

VB 23451


Mr. James M. Arnhold    6/30/12

C/O H.A.V., Inc.

3780 Shore Drive

VB 23455/2966


Mr. Scott Ayers       6/30/12

C/O Leading Edge Realty

3149 Shore Drive #A

VB 23451-1129


Mr. Joseph Bovee      6/30/13

C/O HBA Architecture & Interior Design

One Columbus Center, Suite 1000

VB 23462


Mr. Norman W. Carrick   6/30/12

2410 Whaler Court

VB 23451


Mr. Charles Gee Faison Jr.  6/30/12

P. O. Box 5643

VB 23451


Mr. Fred Hazelwood IV   6/30/13

C/O First Landing State Park

2500 Shore Dr.

VB 23451


Vice-Mayor Louis R. Jones   6/30/12

1008 Witch Point Trail

VB 23455


Mr. Charles R. Malbon, Jr   6/30/12

2904 Gaines Landing

VB 23454


Mr. Joseph A. Miller          6/30/14

HBA Architecture and Interior Design

One Columbus Center, Suite 1000

VB 23462


Mr. Stacey S. Patrick        6/30/12

1417 Rutland Dr.

VB 23454


Mr. David S. Redmond   6/30/12

C/O Divaris Real Estate, Inc.

One Columbus Center, Suite 700

VB 23462-5760


Mr. Martin A. Thomas   6/30/15

Decker, Cardon, Thomas, Weintraub & Neskis, P.C.

109 East Main St., Suite 400

Norfolk, VA 23510


Mr. Robert Thornton    6/30/15

Thalhimer/Cushman & Walkfield

5700 Cleveland Street, Suite 400

VB 23462


Mr. James L. Wood   6/30/12

3778 Prince Andrew Lane

VB 23452

Note: This list can be found at   click on Government, then Agenda and Document Archives, click on edocs, then choose Bayfront Advisory Committee

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