Public Input Meeting – Permanent Dredge Spoils Transfer Stations

Maple Street (Marina Shores)


Crab Creek (Lynnhaven Boat Ramp)

Permanent Dredge Spoils Transfer Stations

Public Input Meeting

Thursday October 13th at 7:00pm

Great Neck Recreation Center



Dear Shore Drive Residents,


This may be the only chance you have to express your opinions regarding the City’s plan to build permanent dredge spoils transfer stations at the Maple Street and Crab Creek locations.  Both of these locations are shown on the City’s Neighborhood Dredge Plan.



  • All the possible impacts to your neighborhood:  Noise.  Safety.  Traffic.  Smell.  Decrease in home values.



  • That the Shore Drive sites be removed from the neighborhood dredging plan.
  • That the three transfer stations located in commercial areas along Virginia Beach Boulevard and Laskin Road be the main sites to support the projected dredging demand.



  • Other Civic Leagues that have taken official opposition positions: Cape Story, Cape Henry, Broad Bay Island, Ocean Park, Lesner Cove, Shore Drive Community Coalition.
  • Your neighbors that will be directly impacted.



Note:  Meeting format will be – Individual Speakers may speak for 3 minutes, Speakers for groups get 10 minutes.  Questions to be answered by Commission Members or City Staff may be submitted on index cards.  Speakers must sign up ahead of time, so plan on getting there a little early.

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