Boat Slips and Proposed Dredge Spoils Site


Marina Shores Boat Slips and Proposed
Dredge Spoils Site


Sign the Petition if you oppose it

The rhetoric is heating up over the
proposal by the owner of Marina Shores to add 45 boat slips.
Originally, this was coupled with a plan by the City to install a
permanent dredge spoils transfer site nearby. (For the original
proposal, visit
and type “Boat slips” in the Search block.)

Since the original proposal, the two
issues have been separated, but both are being contested by many
residents of the neighborhoods of Cape Henry Shores, Cape Story by
the Sea and Broad Bay Island. For a full airing of the reasons for
their opposition, visit
If you oppose the transfer site being expanded for dredging of
outlying tributaries, or bulkheading for boat slips, you can sign the
petition. Be aware, of course, that Maple Street is already a spoils
site for dredging Long Creek, just as the Boat Ramp location was a
spoils site for dredging the Inlet.

It is also possible that a permanent
dredge spoils transfer station is again being considered at the
Lynnhaven Boat Ramp, in spite of the objections of fishing and
boating enthusiasts, environmentalists, commuters, residents and
taxpayers, which had derailed the proposal a couple of years ago.



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