Meeting Minutes – 01/06/2011




The meeting was called to order shortly after 7:30 by President Martin Thomas. A quorum was present. He introduced Patrick Salyer an At-Large representative to the Virginia Beach School Board. Mr. Salyer said that he was making an effort to reach out to VB residents by attending various civic meetings. He stressed the fact that he represents all of VB and welcomes all questions, concerns and comments on various issues facing the school board. He left cards with his contact information.

The 2010 budget had undergone some fine-tuning as some expenditures had not been anticipated and/or properly documented. However, the resulting revision was very minor. The 2011 proposed budget was discussed and approved unanimously. It is posted on our web-site

A discussion of the Fourth of July fireworks then followed. The civic league had approved a deposit of $3000 in order to obtain a signed contract for 2010. These monies were not needed. Through the vigorous fund-raising efforts of Rick Mercadante, Mike Wills, Jill Doczi, and many others, donations far exceeded the final cost. The reserves are being maintained in a separate account to fund future fireworks displays. The membership all agreed that we would continue to do a neighborhood display, as 2010 was such a success and enjoyed by all. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed authorizing the President to enter into a contract for fireworks again this year at the same location for a price of $10,000 with a deposit of $5000. By entering into the contract in January we will be able to secure this price. Since fund-raising has already begun, it is anticipated that the goal will again be reached. As a note, the needed funds were raised in less than 3 months in 2010, and we have 6 months to go in 2011.

Mike Wills then spoke of the Robbins legacy account. In previous years, OPCL has made an end-of-year donation to the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad. This has not been done for several years. Mike proposed that to compensate, we make a donation of $2500 this year. A second by Les Rickman was followed by unanimous approval. Mike then brought up the issue of some $50,000 that OPCL had pledged to the proposed new OPVRS building. Since it has been determined that in all likelihood that would never happen, the thought among Board members is that these funds be re-purposed. Mike proposed that these monies been made available for the refurbishment, rehabilitation and “beautification” of the current station. It was specified that these funds remain under control of OPCL, but the $2100 be released currently to cover the expense of a site survey. This is the first step in obtaining any architectural and landscaping proposals. The motion carried.

Mr. Thomas and others requested that more people step forward to help the many committees that keep this group running.

Allen Gaskins reported on the Neighborhood Watch program. He said there were many areas still not covered. Grace Moran interjected that according to the program, we can sub-divide Ocean Park into smaller “pockets” for inclusion. Allen said he will get clarification. He is interested in getting the Watch signs in place to discourage crime and encourage wider participation.

Dove Payman reported that the annual Neighborhood Crawl out of Hibernation will take place March 26 at Salty C’s. More details will follow. The very successful summer cook-out at Loch Haven Park will also be repeated. At this time, it is scheduled for June (date and time TBD) and will include B-B-Q, potluck, entertainment, and even more children’s activities. The social committee would also like to do a Holiday Party in 2011, so please get involved.

Grace Moran proposed adjournment at 8:10, a second from Jill Doczi concluded the meeting.

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