OPCL Meeting Minutes – January 7, 2010


Ocean Park Civic League

Minutes for the 1/7/2010 Meeting

Bayvista Condominiums Meeting Room

New Officer Installation

  • New Officers Installed.


OPVRS Presentation (Deborah Joyner)

  • Damages to OPVRS Building
  • The roof is the most major expense. The flashing is gone, which is allowing water to come right down between sections of building.
  • The Nor’easter destroyed the interior pine walls. OPVRS attempting to salvage ½ the pine wall, roof, bay doors, ceiling panels.
  • HVAC units are failing due to flooding
  • Assistance Received
  • The community assisted with cleanup as well as members of JEB Fort Story/Little Creek and the fire dept..
  • Servpro assisted for free
  • Haynes volunteered to provide all furniture for restoration
  • JEB Fort Story/Little Creek offering labor assistance with non-skilled labor, such as painting and cleaning
  • Impact to OPVRS
  • OPVRS currently house in small space at station 22 with no access to computers, supplies, etc
  • There is nowhere to offer training to the youths through the Junior Explore Post.
  • OPVRS is expecting to be back into the building on Jan 18th and they are hoping to have meeting room completed by end of January barring any issues.
  • Official restoration date for the building is most likely in March
  • Current Needs
  • All work that could be done by unskilled labor has been completed. At this point, OPVRS needs to get professional assistance.
  • Roof estimate through Ronald McDarry Roofing is $39,500
  • They have no estimate as to how much money they have collected for the repairs other than a 5k donation – OPVRS hopes the rest of money will come from operational funds and money donated during pledge drive in January.


Vote on Agenda

  • Nothing added.


Old Business

  • Pound Nets Issue (Mike Wills)
    • Mike Wills updated the OPCL on the issue of the pound nets. He is currently appealing his case to the Virginia Court of Appeals and he is expecting a court date to be provided by the end of January. He is anticipating a court date in 6-9 months.
    • He also contacted Congressman Nye in an attempt to receive an official report from the Coast Guard regarding the alleged accident involving a Cost Guard boat and the pilings. Congressman Nye responded that there was no report of the boat hitting the piling and no report can be found.
    • The appeal will cost the OPCL 2500.
    • The Army Corps of Engineers investigated the Coast Guard incident but nothing they can do to address the issue.
    • Proposed pounds nets near Cape Story pound nets have been rejected.


New Business

  • Proposed Amendment Change (Rick Mercadante)
    • Rick Mercadante proposed the following amendment change:
      • Since the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue station sustained substantial damage to its facilities during the storm last November, I propose we amend our motion form dated March 6th, 2008 to read: “The membership of OPCL authorizes a pledge of $50,000 to the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad for the purpose of repairing the roof of the existing facility on Shore Drive. The remaining funds not used for roof repairs may be used for internal repairs as approved by the executive board.
      • There were not enough members to reach a quorum to vote on the proposed amendment. There is no plan to call a special meeting to address the issue.
      • The change was proposed because OPVRS has come out and said that no building new will be built.
  • OPCL Treasury Audit
    • OPCL is in need of three individuals to audit the treasury.
    • Lew Mabie, Grace Moran, and Leo Wardrup volunteered


Committee Reports

  • Finance (Mike Wills)
    • Committee Update will be posted in the newsletter.
    • Budget to be provided for next meeting.


  • Zoning (Mike Wills)
    • Don Julio’s ABC Request to Change ABC License
      • Don Julio’s is requesting to amend their ABC license from restricted to unrestricted.
      • Rick spoke Capt. Smith at the VA Beach Police Dept. and they indicated that they do not have any reasons to challenge the change to the license, as police activity has not been an issue.
      • Current restrictions on the license are: closing times, live music, attire of servers – Don Julio’s owner is appealing for all of them lifted, claiming other local businesses do not haves such restrictions.
      • ABC board has not set a meeting yet.
      • OPCL is opposing the change, except for special events.
      • There is a hearing to be held in Chesapeake. Time TBD.
    • Building on Jefferson at Powhatan is in violation of building permit for lack of progress in 6 months.


  • Social Committee
    • Looking to host an OPCL social at Don Julio’s. Date TBD.


  • SDCC and BAC (Grace Moran)
    • Meeting times to be posted in the newsletter.
    • New Issue- Krogers wants to put in a fuel station at supermarket located on Shore Drive.
  • Membership (Rick Mercadante)
    • Paypal is now working to accept OPCL membership fee. OPCL Board hopes this will increase membership.
    • Newsletters were delayed this month.


  • Communications
    • No Update


Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully Submitted,

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

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