10th graders apply now to join new classes at Brock Environmental Center that will start SEPT 2020!

VBCPS is now accepting applications from current 10th grade students interested in attending the Environmental Studies Program, a new innovative program opening at the Brock Environmental Center in September 2020. Students have until Jan. 31.

10th graders, start here to begin application process:

Application Process

Before entering grade 11, students will apply for admission to the program in the fall of their sophomore year. An essay formulated around the topics of Sustainable Economics and Business Innovation, Social Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability and Natural Resource Stewardship will be included in the application and will be used to identify candidates who show a passion for and interest in the fields of study. . . .

“We would really like to see the city step up and take care of this area and implement Phase 4 and implement Phase 3 now,” said Ocean Park Civic League President Andrew Broyles.”

View video at 13NewsNow.com.

“nothing really safe there for pedestrians”


“Shore Drive is the 3rd most traveled road in Virginia Beach”

Did you know it’ll be ~20 years between completing only 2 Phases of bringing Shore Drive up to the standards of the rest of the city.

Let’s step up and take care of this area now.

Civic League in search of volunteers!

The Ocean Park Civic League (OPCL) Board of Directors (BOD) is looking for volunteer candidates for the office of Vice President and Secretary.

The Commitment:
These elected positions are for a 2-year period, and will commence January of 2020. Board members meet twice monthly at a BOD meeting and a subsequent General Membership meeting.

Your Duties:
The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his absence, and upon the request of the President, shall preside over meetings, monitor committee activities, represent the League in City affairs, and perform the duties of the President as needed. The Vice President shall serve as the President should that term not be completed.
The Secretary records the official minutes of all meetings of the OPCL, submits and maintains a copy of the minutes for League consumption. Working knowledge of Power Point is a plus!

  • Elections are to be held in November, at the General Membership meeting.
  • If interested, please contact me here via private message, or email at: pschubert757@gmail.com
  • The League also has several appointed Committees that are always looking for a hand or fresh leadership. Currently being sought are leadership for Membership and the Government Affairs committees.
    About the League:
    The Ocean Park Civic League was chartered in 1946, and is a non-profit organization.
    The purpose of the OPCL is to be operated exclusively for the beneficial interests of the residents and property owners of Ocean Park.
    The OPCL shall bring together both residents and property owners, at frequent intervals, to promote good fellowship, to further the interests of the community with respect to beautification, recreation, sanitation, safety, and the protection of property values.
    The League shall also strive to inform residents of issues of neighborhood importance, to provide a forum for discussion of concerns, and to promote participation in public affairs by encouraging members to register and vote in all local, state and federal elections.

You can make a difference in a child’s life while having a great experience yourself.

Learn about this program tonight at OPCL MTG @ BROCK too!

Virginia Beach Reads is our city’s effort to energize the entire community around the critical issue of ensuring all children are reading on or above grade level by third grade. A child not reading at grade level by the end of the first grade has an 88% chance of not reading at grade level by the end of the fourth grade.

First Grade Reads pairs striving first grade readers in local elementary schools with caring community volunteer tutors/mentors to assist children in becoming confident, successful readers. Tutors receive training in effective instructional techniques, and each month the children are given one free take home book. In this area, Bayside Elementary and Shelton Park Elementary schools participate.

Interested in volunteering?

You can make a difference in a child’s life while having a great experience yourself.

Contact Kelsey Harkins
Volunteer Resource Manager
Virginia Beach GrowSmart
P 757-385-6495

E kharkins@vbgov.com
W www.vbgrowsmart.com

“Ocean Park is the dumping ground of Virginia Beach,” said Todd Parker, a neighborhood resident. “They love to collect our taxes, but we are the stepchild to the Oceanfront.”

Some examples of the continuing coverage of how destructive Floatopia was to Ocean Park beach & neighborhood.

Coverage at Pilotonline.com:

Others reported seeing people who could barely walk get behind the wheel and drive home. Some were so inebriated they couldn’t find their cars. Many of the residents said that they felt laws weren’t enforced and that the city has ignored residents’ complaints about the event for years.

From 13NewsNow.com:

Virginia Beach police said Shelby Ross Oliver left her baby and 7-year-old child alone for hours at the “Floatopia” event in [Ocean Park].

From WAVY:

Many who spoke were angry and said the city should’ve been ready for the event. Although the amount of litter left behind on the beach is what dominated headlines, people who live out here said the issue is way bigger than the trash.

WTKR coverage:

“I don’t know why I didn’t call the city.” Said self proclaimed Floatopia organizer.

Possible charges for the self proclaimed Floatopia organizer are pending.

Over 200 people attended including the Mayor, 2 Councilmen, City Manager, Public Works Director, 3rd Precinct Captain, Deputy Fire Chief, Deputy City Manager & other leadership from CoVB.

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