OPCL Adopt-A-Spot PHP Clean up this Saturday APR 8th 9am-noon

Join us ! If you’re late, that’s cool, more tasty homemade baked goodness for us on-timers. It’s that time of year! Cleanup on Pleasure House Point Natural Area!! Yes, I know you’ve all been clamoring for information, bothering me to death! “Mary! When can we have a cleanup!?!….Mary, PHP is dirty!! Pick me! Pick Me!!….IContinue reading “OPCL Adopt-A-Spot PHP Clean up this Saturday APR 8th 9am-noon”

Adopt-A-Spot PHP Cleanup, Volunteers needed!

Adopt-A-Spot Cleanup Pleasure House Point SATURDAY October 18th 9am-Noon Volunteers are requested for PHP clean up on Saturday, October 18, 9 am – 12 noon. Registration will be along Marlin Bay. Trash bags & pick-up sticks will be provided. Please protect yourself with heavy work gloves, safe footwear, & water. Direct questions to Mary Faust: katytuesday@verizon.net