February 9th is Chill-i Out Night!

Calling all chili cooks and corn bread bakers! Sign up to bring a pot of chili or a pan of cornbread to the Chill-i Out Night on February 9th from 6-7:30 pm at OPVRS on Shore Drive. Sign up here: signupgenius.chilli! Prizes will be awarded for : Traditional, Non-Traditional and Best Cornbread! Everyone is welcome, come enjoy the food and vote for your favorites. You don’t have to bring chili to participate. There will be adult beverages and pizza for the kids too!

If you have a fire pit that you could lend for the evening or firewood to donate- we are planning to set those up in the newly paved OPVRS parking lot for some atmosphere! Also looking for lights to string in the trees if you have some handy! (Christmas lights not put away yet?). You can use the link above!

Also on Chill-i Out Night: The Big Reveal! New long sleeve tshirts and hoodies in new colors will be for sale at Chili Night!

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