2023 Annual OPCL Membership Dues – Renew or Join Today !

Please help support your neighborhood civic league!! Join for the first time or Renew your membership. Payment can be made here on the OPCL web site with PayPal or use a credit card with CheddarUp : OPCL.org-Join or Renew. Or you can send a check by mail to: OPCL PO Box 55385 Virginia Beach, VA 23471.

Everything is more expensive these days– including all the things that OPCL pays for with the income from dues. We don’t want to raise the cost of membership in OPCL. Instead we are asking residents to encourage your neighbors to become members. In 2022 we had 367 paid memberships out of 1300 households in Ocean Park. We can do better! Secondly, if you are able to give an amount over the $20 membership, it would go a long way towards helping OPCL continue to support the community in all the ways it has in the past. If you can- go into your PayPal or CheddarUp account and give $25, $30 or more. Thank you!

Take a look back over the events in Ocean Park and the positive impact OPCL has had on the neighborhood: A Year in Ocean Park. Support the work and fun the civic league can provide thanks to your membership. We appeal to all residents of our community to consider joining OPCL. Annual dues are only $20 for a household : opcl.org Join OPCL. The civic league depends on your support to work on behalf of the Ocean Park Community.

What does your $20 annual membership pay for?

Civic league budget pays for the costs of getting information out – website costs, email blast Mailchimp services, snail mail post office box, IT services. We make contributions to Lynnhaven River Now, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and we give a four-year $1000 college scholarship every year. In addition, the civic league puts on two social events with great food and fun : the Spring Fling and Fall Fest are free to paid members. Please renew or join today, we depend on you.

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