Write Now! Right Now!

Write now, Right now! You’ve written before, please write again. This is the final lap for this long 18 month process. The City Council will make the final decision to approve or not approve the Marlin Bay Development in October.

Residents of Ocean Park and Shore Drive should not be discouraged by the 7-3 vote by the Planning Commission.

Who voted to recommend approval to the City Council: developers (Redmond, Graham), a lawyer who works for developers (including this one!) (Inman), member involved with development/building industry (Weiner), a former candidate for City Council (Oliver) whose “biggest supporters were developer Bruce Thompson, former mayor Will Sessoms”,who resigned after being convicted of conflict of interest charges.(Virginian Pilot), two who thought the project was attractive.

Who voted not to recommend approval? A social worker who said this is not affordable housing (Klein), a former budget director (Bradley) and an engineer (Wall) both who cited the insufficient compliance with the infill density called for in the Comprehensive Plan and the Shore Drive Design Guidelines.

We turn to the real decision makers, the City Council of Virginia Beach. Make your voice heard! Please follow the links below and write to the City Council now WRITE NOW. We want to be sure that all letters are counted and included so please copy your email letters to all three addresses: CityCouncil@vbgov.com, city clerk abarnes@vbgov.com and our OPCL set up address: nwmb@opcl.org. For more information go to the No Way Marlin Bay page on this website.

You can also write to each Council member individually (please copy OPCL: nwmb@opcl.org)

Name email addressPhone number
Mayor Bobby Dyer

(757) 385-4581
N.D. (Rocky) Holcombrholcomb@vbgov.com
(757) 416-2343
Michael Berlucchi mberlucc@vbgov.com
(757) 407-5105
Barbara Henley

(757) 426-7501
Louis Jones

(757) 583-0177
John Moss

Aaron Rouse

(757) 319-1398
Guy Tower gtower@vbgov.com
(804) 398-0070

Rosemary Wilson


(757) 422-0733
Sabrina Wooten

(757) 797-5625

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