It’s Not Over! The City Council Will Make the Final Decision in October

Thank you to all the speakers and attendees who appeared at the Planning Commission meeting! Everyone did a fantastic job! Sadly, there were many ways that we were treated unfairly. The format of the agenda and the  order of the speakers were changed without notice. Danny was very quick on his feet to adapt and present our case which also must be done without equal access to projecting visuals and graphics-even though he was representing a large group.  Also there were 3 more speakers on Webex who were not given the opportunity to speak. Danny Murphy said: “It was not the strength our argument that failed, it was deaf ears of the committee”. We also want to thank the commission members who were willing to look more closely at the issue and weigh in other factors: Mr. Wall, Ms. Klein and the newest member Mr. Bradley. Residents who oppose the Marlin Bay Development should not give up! The real opportunity is coming at the City Council Meeting on October 19th. We can expect the City Council to be more receptive to the concerns of voter-residents. 

Unfortunately not all members of the commission conducted themselves in the spirit of civility and respect. In particular, Mr. Redmond -who represents the Bayside District-must be singled out for his mocking and patronizing remarks. When over 340 residents write letters, 24 people come out during the work day to express their deeply held concerns about their homes and their neighborhood, they should not be the butt of a joke- that was Mr. Redmond’s response along with his overall dismissive and demeaning tone. He belittled our concerns calling us just a “little pocket” of Shore Dr. implying that our neighborhood’s character and history don’t matter. Our points about non compliance with Comprehensive Plan language about infill development and mixed use were not countered. We must press forward with those. Let’s work together to be heard.

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