Confusion about Planning Commission Hearing July 14th-Get the Scoop

At the July 14th Planning Commission meeting, they granted a deferral of the Marlin Bay project until the September 8th meeting.

Residents who live adjacent or across the street from the proposed Marlin Bay apartment development received letters dated July 1 which said that the hearing for this would take place on July 14th. These letters were sent out despite the fact that the deferral was confirmed on June 25th. Many of these residents have contacted OPCL looking for clarification because they were not able to get answers from the city Planning Administration and they are confused and worried that they might miss the opportunity to give their rightful input.

The public notice signs-which are required by law- all give the date of September 8th for the hearing on this matter. The Planning Commission Agenda was just updated on Monday July 12th. Residents should feel assured that this project will not be addressed in the July 14th hearing behind their backs. The city should have done a better job-not sending out an inaccurate letter since residents rely on that communication from the city for correct information. Residents who tried to contact Mr. Dao were unable to get an answer. OPCL works hard to provide up to date information but not everyone is aware of this website. It’s the city’s obligation to do that. They showed poor performance in this case.

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