OPCL July 8th Meeting

At the July 8th Ocean Park Civic League Meeting on Zoom, residents heard updates on beach replenishment, fireworks and the Marlin Bay Project. The fireworks were a great success! Perfect weather and no logistical problems. Thank you to all who donated and especially to Jill Doczi and all who helped make it happen! (Fireworks photo credit to Chris Giersch!)Read the full meeting minutes here: Meeting Minutes.

NO WAY MARLIN BAY yard signs had been placed at the beach entrances and on the south side for the holiday. Residents who would like to display a NO WAY MARLIN BAY sign can get in touch: communication@opcl.org Donations are welcome since we are hoping to print more signs soon: Donate with your credit card cheddarup/no-way-marlin-bay-yard-signs or with PayPal: Donate here .

You can still donate to the fireworks! We are already looking forward to the deposits that have to be paid in early 2022 for next year. Donate using a credit card here: fireworks July3.cheddarup.com or Paypal.com-donate to fireworks . If you prefer to mail a check, make it out to OPCL FIREWORKS. Mail to : OPCL Box 55385 Virginia Beach, VA 23471 you to all our donors!!

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