Marlin Bay Development Planning Commission Hearing: Deferred until September 8th

The developer of the 197 unit apartment complex at Marlin Bay has asked for a deferral until the September 8 Planning Commission Meeting. They are trying to get more support for the project. Mark your calendars for September 8th! A development of this size, scale and density will change the character of Ocean Park, set a negative precedent for future development and threatens significant negative impact on the adjacent PHP natural area: problems of overcrowding, trash, parking. See the NO WAY MARLIN BAY page for information about the development and the reasons it is not right for Ocean Park.

We confirmed with the city planner, Mr. Dao, that “all letters that were submitted to Staff for this project will be included in the application package for the Planning Commission and City Council.” If you have already written to Mr. Dao then your letter is included. If you wrote only to individual commission members then your letter will not be included in the packet (But those letters still matter! They will certainly be taken note of by the commission members). If you have not yet written an email or a letter, you can still make your voice heard! Mr. Dao assures us that all new letters received by him will be included in the application package. Write to: or 2875 Sabre St. Suite 500, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452.

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