Marlin Bay Project Goes to Planning Commission July 14th !

The Planning Commission for the City of Virginia Beach will vote on their recommendation concerning the proposed 197 unit Marlin Bay Apartment Complex on July 14th after the public hearing at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. The Staff Report was posted with the recommendation of the City Planning Department on June 3rd. Residents who wish to make their voice heard should communicate their stand to Mr. Dao and the Planning Commission members. Now is the time to make your voice heard!

OPCL will be posting further information so stay tuned!

Residents can write to the Staff Planner, Mr. Dao: or 2875 Sabre St. Suite 500 Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Residents should contact Planning Commission members to explain their concerns:

Mr. George Alcarazgalcarazvbpc@icloud.com757-620-8040
Mr. Steve Barnesc/o Bay Breeze Farms, 1076 Sandbridge Rd. VB,VA 23456757-287-3199  (c)
Mr. Whitney GrahamwgrahamVBPC@icloud.com757-287-4835    
Mr. Donald Horsleyhorsley_don@yahoo.com757-421-3625   (h)
Mr. Michael Inmanmainman@inmanstrickler.com757-486-7055 (h) 757-403-8172 (c)
Ms. Dee Oliverbranch.oliver@gmail.com757-406-4954 (c)
Mr. David S. RedmonddredmondVBPC@icloud.com757-215-5302 
Mr. John H. Costonjohnhcoston@gmail.com757-407-8663  (c)  757-499-1388 (h)
Ms. Robyn R. KleinRKleinVBPC@icloud.com757-918-9317    (c)
Mr. Jack Walljckwall@aol.com757-748-5602    (c)
Mr. David Weinerdweiner@batchelder-brick.com757-620-1681    (c)

Residents will be able to speak and voice their concerns at the public hearing on July 14th at 12:00 at the Convention Center. Directions for arranging to speak at the hearing:

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