This Week…

The February General Membership Meeting proceeded on Zoom last Thursday. Thanks to all the members who are willing to wrestle with the technology to come together and keep the work of the civic league going! And hurray for all the folks who have joined in over these last 10 months! The continued involvement of the membership is crucial and appreciated. But we miss the fun of the social events and we look forward to their return and to seeing our neighbors again!

At the meeting on Thursday, the 2021 budget was introduced by Blake Norris and approved by the membership. Betty Demers summarized the bylaw updates that she and Paul Schubert have been working on: Bylaws Amendments Summary.docx. They will be voted on in the March meeting. Carly Swift gave a report on the meeting with the developers concerning the Marlin Bay Project: Report. Jill Doczi gave an overview of the situation with beach replenishment. Read the full minutes of the meeting for further details here: February 4 2021 Meeting Minutes

Thank you to those who have paid their 2021 dues! Send us your street address to get your cool car sticker for 2021: . To join OPCL for the first time or to renew your membership go to : Join OPCL

The lead photo this week comes from Ocean Park resident Grant Simmons who it turns out has a collection of vintage historic beach photos at

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