January General Meeting

The first General Membership meeting of the new 2021 year kicked off on Thursday, January 14th on the Zoom platform. Danny Murphy took the helm in his first meeting as President. The meeting highlighted updates on STRs, Marlin Bay, and the LOVE sign as well as a preliminary look at the 2021 budget and By Laws Revision. Take a look at the draft minutes of the meeting: General Membership Meeting minutes-January 2021.docx

January is the BEST month to pay your dues or become a member of OPCL. The membership fee is still only $20 and if you pay or renew by PayPal in January you will help OPCL. Paying now in January and using electronic means helps the civic league know how much in dues is coming in and who are our members. Please consider using PayPal and renewing or starting your membership now at the beginning of the year.

Throughout these months of restrictions since last March, OPCL has continued to work hard to keep the community informed and take action on the community’s behalf on issues such as: STR Overlay Plan, Marlin Bay Development, PHP North, Marlin Bay Extension, Beach Replenishment, and Fireworks among others. Please support OPCL by renewing or joining now.

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