Tuesday Update

This just in: story on the Marlin Bay Development on News 13: https://www.13newsnow.com/article/news/local/mycity/virginia-beach/new-development-plans-facing-pushback-on-shore-drive/291-53339d7a-390b-4d0e-b676-3ad2611517ba

On Thursday June 4, OPCL had another productive and well attended virtual meeting. The virtual meeting format will continue in July and perhaps further in the future as a regular feature adding more accessibility and flexibility for OPCL meetings.

Strategies going forward were discussed concerning the Marlin Bay Development. The chair of the committee, Carly Swift, invited interested community members to join the work of the committee. Contact her at: drcsmith@gmail.com

Jill Doczi gave an update on fireworks. There is a possibility of having the fireworks at Labor Day depending on what the city does and on getting the needed federal and local permits. Blake Norris, treasurer, said that he will be declining Paypal payments for fireworks at this time given the uncertainty.

A letter was sent on behalf of OPCL to Mark Johnson, Director of Public Works for Virginia Beach, the mayor, and the city council in support of rebidding for the beach replenishment project.

Detailed minutes for the meeting are here. (click on the hot link)

One thought on “Tuesday Update

  1. “Solanic said he hopes everyone can work together to make a deal and permanently preserve the lots the developer currently owns at Pleasure House Point by selling the development rights and wetland mitigation credits for other projects including stormwater offsets.

    “I’m not for it and I’m not against it. I’m for working with the developers and the city and other stakeholders because the developers own property on Pleasure House Point that’s not persevered yet, so I think the smart thing would be to work with them,” he said.“



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