Virtual General Meeting-a First for OPCL

On Thursday, May 7th Ocean Park Residents gathered virtually on Zoom for updates on four important issues facing the community. The first item was the Marlin Bay Apartment Complex development. Over 100 people had responded with comments on the OPCL website and NextDoor. Overwhelmingly the opinions expressed were adamantly against the project as presented. While most people are not against development of this site, the predominant feeling is that this apartment project represents too high a density at 227 apartments and would have a considerable negative impact on our community infrastructure, traffic, parking and way of life as a neighborhood of small housing units. Morgan Ayers has been appointed to head the committee to work with the city and with the developers to further the community interests.

Other issues discussed: The Beach replenishment bids were not acceptable to the city. It may be rebid at a later date. The financial situation of the city has been greatly impacted by current events. OPCL is sending a letter in support of a rebid to the city. Fireworks for this year will continue to depend on state and federal regulations for gatherings. Jill Doczi is keeping a close eye on developments. OPCL continues to engage with the city concerning the situation at the boat ramp. The board sent another letter addressing the problem with pictures from a recent weekend showing the long back up impacting the neighborhood. Look for updates on all these issues here!

Treasurer Blake Norris assured residents that OPCL finances are strong despite current uncertainties in the financial world and thanked 15 folks for updating their memberships in the past few weeks.

Thanks to all who participated in this new way of communicating! OPCL is alive and well thanks to the wonderful people who live here!

Feedback on the virtual May 7th General Meeting : take the survey here

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