Fourth of July Fireworks Postponed — July 12th — 9:15 p.m.

TO ALL NEIGHBORS & FRIENDS: The fireworks committee (made up of representatives from all three civic leagues–CHX, OPK, BLP), along with a member of Virginia Beach Fire Marshall’s office and our shooter met last night to discuss the effects of this storm and the fireworks show. Additional phone discussions involved the Coast Guard, the VirginiaContinue reading “Fourth of July Fireworks Postponed — July 12th — 9:15 p.m.”

Fourth of July Fireworks and Tropical Storm Arthur

There is concern about the projected path of Tropical Storm Arthur. Representatives are working with the fire marshal, public safety, Virginia Beach special events, the Coast Guard and the city manager’s office on safe and manageable alternatives. Additionally, the fireworks vendor is working very hard to establish backups to even the backups in place shouldContinue reading “Fourth of July Fireworks and Tropical Storm Arthur”